Sunday, February 19, 2012

#Idioms 97-102

id•i•om /'ide?m/

An idiom is an expression that means something other than the literal meanings of its individual words.
Here are six native idioms for you to learn and use. Enjoy friends!
to cut a fine figure causar una buena impresión
Don't wear those jeans if you want to cut a fine figure on your first date.
to do drugs consumir drogas
Another celebrity died while they were doing drugs.
to hold ones breath - contener la respiración
held my breath for nearly a minute in the swimming pool.   
to get a grip on oneself - controlarse
She's hysterical over nothing, she needs to get a grip of herself!
to play ball - cooperar
We'll keep teaching you as long as our fans play ball and keep reading our classes.
to run a risk of correr el riesgo de
If you keep acting jealous you run the risk that she actually will cheat on you in the future.

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