Wednesday, February 15, 2012

#Idioms 79-84

id•i•om /'ide?m/

An idiom is an expression that means something other than the literal meanings of its individual words.
Here are six native idioms for you to learn and use. Enjoy friends!
to give ground - ceder terreno
Are you willing to give any ground in this negotiation?
to give an inch - ceder un centímetro
I'm not willing to   give an inch until my demands are met! 
to bring up the rear - cerrar la marcha My horse is always the one bringing up the rear.   
to jump a queue colarse
I really hate it when people jump the que at the cinema.
to hang up one's hat - colgar los botas, retirarse
After loosing all my money at the poker game, I finally hang up my hat .  
to get rolling - comenzar
Let's get rolling, it's early and there is lots of work to do!

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