Sunday, March 11, 2012

#idioms 223-228

id•i•om /'ide?m/

An idiom is an expression that means something other than the literal meanings of its individual words.
Here are six native idioms for you to learn and use. Enjoy friends!
to go overboard - entusiasmarse locamente
They went overboard with the decorations for the party.

to go wrong
- equivocarse, salir mal
If we don't plan well, things could go wrong at the last moment.

to drop a line
- escribir unas líneas
I'll drop him a line   this afernoon when he gets out of work.

to cut the mustard
- estar a la altura de las circunstancias
I interviewed three candidates, but none of them cut the mustard.

to take the rough with the smooth
- estar a las duras y a las maduras
The company is goung trough a crisis, we'll have to take the rough with the smooth.

to keep one's powder dry
- estar al pie del cañón
Elisa is a good friend. She has always kept her powder dry.

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