Friday, March 2, 2012

#idioms 169-174

id•i•om /'ide?m/

An idiom is an expression that means something other than the literal meanings of its individual words.
Here are six native idioms for you to learn and use. Enjoy friends!
to take the wind outof someone's sails - desanimar a alguien
When I found out I didn't have enough money to go on holiday it really took the wind out of my sails.

to lose heart
 - desanimarse
After failing my driving test for the third time I just lost heart.

to go haywire
 - desbaratarse, volverse loco
I spilt coffee on my laptop and the screen went haywire.

to run amok/amuck
 - descontrolarse
After the match all the fans ran amok in the city.

to call someone's bluff
 - descubrirle a alguien la farolada
I knew they weren't going to fire me so I called their bluff.

to play second fiddle to someone
 - desempeñar un papel secundario
Richard thinks he runs the company, but he just plays second fiddle to the investors.

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