Wednesday, February 22, 2012

#Idioms 115-120

id•i•om /'ide?m/

An idiom is an expression that means something other than the literal meanings of its individual words.
Here are six native idioms for you to learn and use. Enjoy friends!
to make the grade - dar la talla
We really made the grade with our blog. We get more visitors everyday.
to give one's eye teeth/right arm - dar lo que fuera
I'd give my right arm to see Metallica this weekend!
to give rise to something dar lugar a algo
The pay cuts gave rise to strikes throughout the workforce.
to give a bad name to something dar mala fama a algo
The foreign policy gave a bad name to the countries politicians.

to do a 180
 - dar media vuelta
When the bell rang, the student did a 180 and ran to class.

to lay down the law
 - dar órdenes
At 9am the boss comes in and lays down the law  to the staff.

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